‘We Use Technology to Find Location of Kidnappers in Kogi’ – Fanwo
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The administration of the state uses technology to find the locations of kidnappers in Kogi, according to Kingsley Fanwo, commissioner of information and communications for Kogi State.

Fanwo made this statement during a media discussion to mark the 31st anniversary of the founding of the state.

The state’s minimal level of security, according to the information commissioner, is a result of the strong security architecture that the government has put in place.

Fanwo claims that the state government has been using up-to-date security technology that is hidden from the general public to combat criminal activity online.

He pointed out that due to the sensitivity of the state government’s security activities, these technological security measures are not disclosed to the public.

The commissioner asserted that kidnappers and other criminals operating in the state are under the control of the Kogi State administration.

Though the state does not have a culture where crime is completely absent, Mr. Fanwo remarked that it has a smaller proportion of crimes than other North Central states in the northern subregion.


“The difference between Governor Yahaya Bello and other Governors in Nigeria is that, while other Governors run to Abuja to lament the security situations in their States, Governor Bello seats back at home to confront the situation head-on.

“Kogi state government is working with intelligence and superior security stratagem to curtail the current wave of kidnappings in the state, but we expect the media to report the events responsibly while we play our part to secure the state with maximum safety”, he said.

When asked how the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation, which has been off the air for about two years, was doing, he was quick to respond that the state radio corporation had acquired a cutting-edge digital transmitter, which, if fitted, will enable broadcast productions from the living room.

The state-owned newspaper, The Graphic, begs for attention, but the commissioner claimed that the emergence of online journalism has rendered the production of newspapers in hard copy unfashionable, unnecessary, and economically unwise for the government because, in his opinion, Kogi citizens outside the state now have easy access to the state-owned newspaper and read it online with e-paper on the internet.

The Commissioner did note that the media underreports the administration’s inspiring accomplishments.

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