The Defection And Defenders Of Ikani Okolo

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It should be a source of joy for everyone to see a great political leader like Ikani Okolo meet with governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello, if only because such synergy has the potential to produce a positive outcome.

Again, at a critical juncture like this, when Kogi is about to lead the north-central into occupying Aso Rock for the first time in our dear country’s history, political pillars like Okolo, regardless of party affiliation, are not expected to be left behind. His voice is expected to add to the Kogi man’s push to become the next president. So there were no obvious wrongdoings by Ikani in seeing Governor Bello.

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However, I understand that during the previous election involving the former house member representing the people of Dekina/Bassa, there was a spoonful of violence that resulted in the death of a young man who supported Ikani. It was also discovered that a couple of other supporters of the man slept on the night of the election with varying degrees of pain.

I’m not sure if the former lawmaker reached out to some of those people, including those who suffered significant financial losses as a result of their support for him, but I suspect he’s already on his way out of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, leaving some of his supporters behind.

Those who supported him or the PDP should not be disappointed or feel betrayed, in my opinion. The truth is that everyone should have realized that politics is all about self-interest. It should also be noted that the man is big enough to make any move he sees fit.

But not everything appeared to be equal.

I’ve seen a lot of people standing up for him. Many people have defended his decision. Many of them were saying the same thing: the man should be allowed to pursue his interest without consulting anyone. They are, of course, correct. They are completely correct.

However, I believe it is high time for people to realize that being a politician entails more than just wearing Agbada and carrying large phones. Contesting an election entails more than just winning or losing at the polls.


We understand that you have an interest and that it takes precedence over the general interest, but you should consider the people who will join you in the pursuit. People would put their lives on the line for you, and then one day you wake up to leave the party and say they don’t deserve an explanation from you?

Some continue to fire on your opponents for your sake, and you decide to shift ground without at least informing them so that they, too, can reconcile or make adjustments in how they confront people on your behalf?

I’d like to believe that Ikani isn’t defecting. And it’s fine if his move is for defection. But telling people who worked for him and were injured or killed not to complain shows that you don’t think with your brain.

I mean, it looks like those saying he doesn’t need to notify anybody before pursuing his interest don’t think in their brains.

Please, if you decide to run for office, make sure you are capable of standing with those who will rise to support you if they get into trouble for your sake. Also, if you decide to switch sides for any reason, reach out to those whose reputations have already been harmed for your sake.

Follow your passion, but don’t be deceptive to the detriment of your followers. Some of them could have lost would their jobs and even their lives for their loyalty to you.

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