Rotr Jibrin Destiny Describe Amb Solomon Adodo A kind Hearted Man, A Role Model And Pacesetters.

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It is often said that good beget good and that good has no other name than good. Times and seasons are not determined by us as humans, we are predestined by the creator. Our exploits and antecedents are measured by what we venture into bringing results.

The peculiarity of a human being is not known in the time of comfort but that of when responsibilities are bestowed upon one”

This quote above is an exemplification or a synonym to the personality of Amb.Solomon Adodo .

Amb. Adodo is one whose character has characterized his  characteristics. A highly cerebral individual, a son of the soil, a child of tradition and a symbol of a caring brother dexterity. His uncommon boldness and courageous step towards emancipating the Nigeria Youth and the downtrodden is worthy of note.

A good man becomes light that beams hope to the aspirations of common people, and impacts on their dreams interestingly that his personality begins to serve as pathway to achieving unthinkable goals by anyone directly or remotely connected to his leadership ideology and practice.

Amb. Adodo in his generousity and inclusive leadership is a man that belongs to everybody and as well to anybody who believes in his cause and ideology. This unique man has a style that enables any of his followers to personalise ownership of his principles.

It remain undoubtedly the fact that peacock stands tall amidst kingdom of birds not only because of its natural and unique beauty but its outstanding character and commitment.

Incontrovertibly, Amb. Adodo portrays the attributes of a peacock with both inner and outer handsomeness, leadership spirit, extraordinary vision and willingness to take correction at all time.

You are a true philanthropist whom humanitarian gesture has touched the lives of many irrespective of any status quo.

Amb. Adodo you are indeed a born handsome leader and your stewardship shall continue to remain in the hearts and minds of many. Because of the love and passion he has for fellow Students, Comrades, Youth, and service to humanity . History will never forget u potential Comrade with distinctive character.


A very good day to a man who has shown optimum Sense of humility, Responsive leadership, quality service delivery to student and youth services, youth most friendly, zero tolerance to indiscipline . An unreserved compliment to a man whose Unimagined positive changes within the shortest period of stay in office as Global President National Youths Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) has change the life of people around and many other which still astonished to many. A youthful and resourceful man.


The book you have refused reading because of it’s ugly cover has in the time past turned ordinary and unrecognized people into something special in life and profession.

We are always duty bound to study the character of people around us within our individual capacity.

We must not based our respect and love for our political leaders due to the hatredness and sentiment planted in our minds by those who hate them.

What you see while in your rooms are different from what you would see while standing outside the room.

The same way: what you know about Amb. Adodo while standing away from him would be different from what you would know when standing close to him.

You would be shock that Amb. Adodo is a born democrat.

We must not turn our backs on the legacies of togetherness, peace and unity inherited from our fathers which we all represent.

May Almighty God in His Infinite mercy continue to guide,protect and uplift you and may He promote to a position that is beyond expectations…

Signed :
Rotr Comr Jibrin Salisu Destiny
Media Wizard
From: Kogi State.

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