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Politics is an important part of any society, as it helps to keep order and helps foster development. However, politics is also often viewed as a “dirty game”, due to the manipulation, deal-making, and power struggles that may come with it. While it is true that politics can be a complex and often frustrating process, it does not have to be a “dirty game.”

First, those who are involved in the political arena need to uphold certain ethical standards. There must be a respect for the democratic values of transparency and accountability. Those who serve in public office should bring honesty and integrity to their work, while also keeping their own personal interests out of political decisions. Ultimately, decisions should be based on what is best for the public, rather than what serves private interests. Proper codes of conduct and ethics should be instituted to hold public servants accountable for their actions.

Additionally, it is important for elected leaders to have a willingness to put aside party differences and work together towards common goals. This means that those in political power must recognize the wisdom of bipartisanship. Leaders should not only focus on the views of their own party or constituents, but find ways to bridge the gap and work with diverse groups and their ideas. They should be prepared to investigate various solutions, while also recognizing the importance of compromise when needed. The key is to find a balance between competing interests, in order to serve the greater public good.

Finally, there is an urgency for those in political power to respond to the public’s demands in a timely manner. Politicians should be dedicated to being responsive to the public’s needs and addressing important matters. In order to do this, elected officials must be willing to engage in constant dialogue and actively seek to understand the perspective of their constituents. This provides the opportunity for government officials to gain a better understanding of the problems and challenges facing their respective constituents, and better equips them to enact policies that can help to improve their lives.


At its core, politics does not have to be a “dirty game.” When those in power commit to ethical leadership, working together in a bipartisan manner, and providing effective representation, then politics can be a platform for positive change and growth. If people of all backgrounds come together to engage in open discourse and strive for solutions that work for everyone, then politics can be a source of strength and growth for a society. In short, politics should not be a dirty game, but rather an opportunity to create positive solutions that can benefit all.


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