Peter Obi Effect: Why The APC and PDP Must Throw VP Slot To Young People

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The worst mistake both the APC and PDP could make right now is to assume that the silent revolution which has started with the present desperation by young Nigerians who are old enough to register to vote is an empty threat.

Age is one reason Peter Obi of Labour Party seems to hold more appeal to that demography than the candidates of the major parties who are all above 70 years old. To counter the challenge to their electoral dominance, they must urgently devise means to woo these young voters and earn their trust. For starters, the APC and PDP flag-bearers MUST select and run with much younger running mates if they wish to attempt to appeal to these new voters.

Age as a demography will play a bigger role in the 2023 presidential elections and is likely to become the determining factor or tiebreaker, much more than geopolitical zones or religion even.

I got a wake up call in this regard from an unusual quarter advising that we do the needful in the APC to reverse that trend.


Finally, if you are one of those caught in the false presumption that Labour Party has no structure, you will be shocked by what the Nigerian worker who party it is in principle can get up to. Especially the striking lecturers, and poorly paid teachers in both Private and Secondary Schools.

Everyone should just shine their eyes and tell themselves the truth. You cannot play politics the old ways and not expect to collide with this new juggernaut.

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