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By Comrade Mayowa Zacchaeus

Let me start by tendering my sincere apologies to the entire sons and daughters of Ijumu Aarin over my last post, where I referred to Ijumu Aarin as the organizer of the Okun Town Hall Meeting. My opinion was based on the sketchy information within my reach.

Having said that, I hereby make it abundantly clear, that am a bonafide son of Ijumu and Okun Kingdom by extension and I will never support any move(s) that poses a threat(s) to the skeletal and un-noticeable unity of same.

I say again, I am sincerely sorry.

All I hope for, is a United Okun Kingdom, with a voice loud enough to attracting economic growth and development both within Nigeria and the global community.

The post in question wasn’t without a trigger. It came after I have posted many things that surpose to be of interest to us as a people but unfortunately, I discovered, that we have dangerously chosen the part of silence.
Our silence, to me, is one of the indicators and indexes of our alarming disunity and the long effected virus of individualism.

Having said that, let me quickly use this medium to express my view on the current situations in Okun hinterland, as usual.

Even though my past comments and suggestions were never greeted with necessary corresponding attention by the Elders/Okun leadership.

Some of such scenarios are:

1. When the Isanlu robbery happened, I wrote and demanded that Okun security archtecture be restructured. No response from any quota.

2. When our late Tolulope Arotile was killed, I wrote and demanded that Okun rise up and demand for explanation.
No response from any quota.

3. When Gen. Adeniyi was deranked / demoted over a leaked on-the-spot- assessment video he did while in bokoharam war front in Borno, I wrote suggesting that Okun Kingdom rise to his (Adeniyi’s) surport.
I got no response from any quota.

4. When Gen. Erifin was killed, I wrote and demanded that our silence as, Okun Kingdom, be broken.
No response from any quota.

5. A father and his son were killed at Ole in Ibunu land couple with our brother that was also murdered in his farm at Iyamoye, no voice from our Kingdom. In fact, only God knows what their families are presently going through.

6. We also lost our dear brother- Fl. Ayodele Olufade, in the crash that claimed the life of the late outgone Chief of Army Staff. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru and despite all the above highlighted injuries done to our kingdom, we were never considered fit for the office of the COAS and there was no course for alarm by the leadership of the Okun Kingdom.

May the souls of the departed rest in absolute peace. Amen

To me, Killings and kidnappings for ransom in Okun hinterland, is liking to a Moses that was raised in the palace of Pharaoh for a mission, at the appointed time, he would strike. Meanwhile, the insensitivity of Pharaoh had made him fed his Moses so fat that it would only take miracle for him to reclaim his land ( _this is strictly for the wise)__

The scenarios above and the corresponding trend of silence, has make me asked myself questions like:

1. What is the worth of the life of an average Okun son and daughter?

2. Are we still waiting for more souls to be caught in the web so that we can condole and conduct burials and funerals?

3. How many more deaths would trigger resolute actions?

I think it’s hightime we told ourselves Enough!
Enough!! Enough!!!


We can not continue to run Okun affairs in the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc and expect maximum trust from within and the international communities.

We must therefore arrange for a multifunctional world class Secretariat that would be named *_”OKUN UNITY POINT_ “* the name, although, is subject to the “Think Tank”and Elders’ ratification, that would;


( A) serve as the first point of call, to any person, group of persons, company or conglomerate of companies that have any benefitial concept(s)/ idea(s) or economic stratagems to alleviate the pains and poverty of the great people of Okun Kingdom.

B) serve as a meeting point to all the Okun families, namely; Ijumu, Yagba, Kabba/Bunu, Oworo etc.

C) The Secretariat can also house “OKUN THINK TANK” whose door is expected to be thrown open to suggestions from every Okun son and daughter at home and in diaspora.

D) The Secretariat can also serve as a constituency contact point to all our Assembly members (both National’s and State’s) per time.

E) serves as an enhancer to our envisaged unity, showcase our culture, promote norms and values *etc

A good number of the good people of the Okun Nation, would agree with me, that there are some cracks resulting from past injuries inflicted across the land, that were done either in error or intentionally, which must be properly treated and be certified whole enough, to carrying us through any hight of success. This is because I am quite sure that there is no amount of efforts that is put on FAKE UNITY that would yield any result.

A politely packaged and excellently delivered apologies would go a along way to triggered genuine forgiveness follow by an enviable and worthy unity in our land.

We must set target for all our political offices including Senate, House of Representatives, State House of Assembly, chairmen etc and by extension, Federal appointments, for the betterment of our graduates, youths, students, orphans, widows etc, irrespective of their religion, family background, sex and political affiliations.

ODA, being the umbrella body of the entire sons and daughters of the Okun Nation, must not be allowed to run out of cash. As a people, we must design plethora of concepts, that would ensuring constant availability of funds for efficiency and effectiveness.

Sycophantism was alien to Okunland, until recently that it has just became a succour/solace in Okunland. Meanwhile, Okun sons and daughters are born industrious but unfortunately, there’s no industries within the Okun landcape. The reason the Okun’s sons and daughters are taking solace in the neighboring states. Meanwhile, due to the insensitivity coupled with the selfish nature in the land, the youths had lost hope in their Kingdom, hence, embraced outsiders, which had also subjects them to the whilms and caprices of their offshore benefactors. This is dangerous going forward, should something not urgently done, to arresting the ugly trend.

We are where we are today, because we believe that it’s only the Government and her appointees that should/can secure us. That’s is absolutely wrong.

Sincerely speaking,
ODA must be behind the wheel of our security vehicle/measures rather than political appointees, that would sometimes want to gauge the mood of their principal, which may not be in tandem with the security demand by the Princes and Princesses of the Okun Kingdom.
There are things we can do in order to keep our land safe for us and other peace loving individuals sojourning in our land.

OKUN 2023, is a child of necessity whose time has come. I have been on it, since 2018 without any corresponding or complementary efforts from any one in Okun land. The person that would have serves as a booster either directly or indirectly, told me it is not possible to have a white paper that would rotates power within the three senatorial districts in Kogi State. Simply because he was not brave enough to present it to his principal. Thank God that the Elders have decided not to trust them (political appointees) with the OKUN 2023 AGENDA’s agitation.
This singular action by the Okun elders, is one of the best things that had ever happened in the history of the kingdom.
This is because it is dangerous leaving the struggle to those who have to study the lips, eyes, tongue and body language of their principal on the EBIGO Agenda.
Left to me, In fact, GYB, is expected to champion Okun 2023 Governorship agenda, to proof his genuine disposition to justice, equity, fairness and good conscience, to Nigerians and the international communities by extension.
Okun2023, is also an opportunity for GYB to exhibits religion unbiasedness, by considering any Okun Ambassador, of other faith for the first time in thirty years.
It would also go a long way to unraveling the fact that *EBIGO* is not a fraudulently political statement and an invitation to treat the Okun Nation.
Howbeit, the scope of GYB’s involvement, must not include imposition of candidate. As Okun Governorship candidate is expected to be a product of a meritorious process, because of the tasks ahead of same.


Going by the challenges on our hands and for the purposes of speedily recovery, we urgently need revelational and intellectual sources of solutions.

1. REVELATIONAL SOURCE is a process by which one arrives at a position through a godly inspirational means.
This has really helped our fathers, most especially in the course of arriving at leadership. If we brilliantly abandoned the gods of our fathers for our God, then our social, economic and political sphere should exhibit proofs to the world that our God is a superior deity.
The question is, how often do we consult this God most especially on our political round tables ?

2. INTELLECTUAL SOURCE: Idea, they say, rules the world. As a people, we must allow intelligent individuals into the podium of leadership rather than the present practice of one’s financial capability and relativism.

As a people, we have hoped for Federal and State present to no avail, it is high time we came up with a transformation committee, that’s will:

(A) contact all the Okun Ambassadors both within and in the diaspora and convince them to pull resources together and give us a world class Private University in Okun land. The time is now.

(B) economically, repositioning the Okun landscape in such a way and manner that every individual across the nooks and crannies of Okun hinterland, would be a component of a holistic economic stratagems. That would interest the whole world for patronage and partnership.

At least, if products made in China can find their way into the shore of Nigeria, believe you me, that “made in Okunland”, can also go round Nigeria and the world by extension.

(C) other relevant undertakings as deemed necessary for the betterment of Okun nation and her Princes and Princesses.

Let me end by saying Okun has a lot to do, to help itself and Nigeria move at an encouraging speed on the track of success.


Mayowa Zacchaeus
Former Governorship Aspirant and Chairman Reformation Movement of Nigeria (RMN), Kogi State Chapter.

-All Traditional Rulers
-All Members of the Okun Think Tank
-All Okun Princes and Princesses Home, Nigeria and in the diaspora
-All Town’s Associations
-All Okun Development Loving Groups

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