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Don Pablo: From the Confluence with Love…

One cannot hear enough about the events describing the struggles and triumphs of Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi, a young man of Igala extraction whose giant continue to strides stretch far and wide. Like the echoes from cymbals, they resonate the words of the world’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare when he crooned that “how far that little candle throws his beams, so shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Indeed, one cannot also speak in the world of young men who weren’t born with a silver spoons in their mouth, yet, the stories of Mr Ocholi is one with every dose of exclusivity. Determined for personal and societal change, he broke the jinxes of mediocrity, navigated his way through the barricades of life and continues to defy the logic of his seemingly tough beginning. While some of his peers expunge dedication to humanity because their logic of history, Mr. Ocholi arms remain stretched out to offer help to anyone who needs it.

For perspectives sake, Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi, popularly known as Don Pablo and loudly described as the King Midas of the New World, is an astuste individual whose life is both water and mirror. He reflects the inability of mortals to pass verdict on the destiny of a man. Indeed, the man Ocholi explored his opportunities, fought a lone war, and overcame his challenges to achieve the essential of his life in relationship to his Creator and his fellow men. Without doubt, he has earned himself every praise accrued to a man of long-standing history with his lofty positive ideas of impact and quality changes to the lives of his people.

Through his business acumen and initiatives, he creates opportunities for the youth to be gainfully employed and unlock their hidden potentials. While some with more relegate themselves to their corners to munch their God-given talents, Mr. Ocholi displays extraordinary speed, sophisticated brainwork and uncanny ability, turning almost any situation into a scoring opportunity for the advancement of society, particularly his people. Unlike many of his contemporaries who found their ways to the top through opportunities created by others, Ocholi created his own paths through sheer hard work, diligence and sincerity. His formative years imbued in him the ability to source and manage both human and material resources for the betterment of mankind.

From childhood, he showed signs of an achiever, evident only to those with foresight. He had great dream to be educated and become qualified to play important roles in the development of Igalaland, Kogi state and Nigeria in general. He garnered his experiences by providing solutions to every challenge that confronts him and those with whom he daily interacts. With these rich experiences from diverse sources, Ocholi became inspired; inspired to do the unthinkable; inspired to create paths for others; inspired to make a difference in his time. As a child, he desired to help develop humanity; someway, somehow and someday. With determination and perseverance, he acquired skills and intellect that made him so unique when he eventually achieved his ambition.

The young Ocholi Yusufu Okpanachi, CIK is a resourceful, generous and a scion of the rich igala ancestral kingdom, he commands authority but in humility, he is God fearing, and in his strides are traceable manifestations in the lives of the young and old which speaks volumes to the testimonies of his good works.

Observably, since he birthed his Non Governmental Organization years ago, Mr Ocholi’s Waves of Success Foundation has been in the business of putting broad smiles on people’s faces and cushioning the effects of a disadvantaged society. It is not surprising then, that with astute focus on health, education, sport, artisan and LAK (Little Acts of Kindness) initiatives, only positive stories continue to exude from the corridors of the Foundation’s Office in Lokoja and other parts of the country.

“I was diagnosed and given free eye-glass and drugs, I give kudos to the NGO for their goodwill towards us and I pray that may God continue to bless and sustain the Founder,” reechoes the palpable joy and words of Mrs Jumai Usman, a widor among thousands of beneficiaries of the Foundation.

Mr. Ocholi is a terrific Giver, he would cringe to see people suffer in want. That suffices his laudable growth through schemes such as the vistitation to all the IDP camps across the country in Maiduguri, Abuja among others where he personally distributed relief materials such as food items, clothes, medical health care facilities and educational kits to the Persons.

Available data also reports the donation of operational vehicles to the Nigeria Police Force, Kogi State Command; as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to help curb the rate of crime and insecurity.

Furthermore, as part of the need to empower the girl child, Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi through the aid of his Foundation organizes a Beauty Pageantry Annually where the winners cash out a monthly salary of 250,00 with an official vehicle to spice it, and a trip to any country of their chioce. The Trustees of the Foundation suggest that its essence of the benefits was to give the girl child a voice through the various pet projects she organizes for societal development.

For the records, the Kogi state primary/secondary school covid 19 outreach and Ramadan palliative distribution outreach across kogi west senatorial district proves the unassuming traits of Mr. Ocholi.


The construction of roads in Ofakete community, Ugwolawo, Ofu LGA in Kogi State and provision of grants/funding to students doing exceedingly wel in their academic pursuit remains laudable. Through his Medium, the philanthropic Ochoili’s thunderous walk across the Three senatorial districts in kogi state, carried out with the sole aim of assisting the ageded old once with poor vision,/site, medical check up leaves one completely emotional, pensive and hopeful for better things to come.

Indeed, how this young man of Igala extraction replicates himself through charity, support and philantropical gestures, yet remains calm, collected, organised with the thirst to do more boggles the mind. Like the modern day Thomas Sankara, this young man has touched lives in so many revolutionary ways. He has clothed the naked, fed the hungry, helped the poor and the vulnerable, enmpowered young skilled kogites and lot more, the world and all meaning Kogi sons and daughters are in praises of him.

Asides the annually held Waves of Success event which hosts thousands of people from all works of life, other remarkable areas of want and lack that have enjoyed his Midas Touch can be seen in the Queen Gloria’s Retouching the confluence Project in 2019, the Ramadan visit to the ancestral stool of the Attah Igala at Idah, the Vote Not Fight Campaign against electoral violence, recognition and commendation of the Best Graduating Students at the Federal University, Lokoja, Christmas Outreach to the Palace of the Ohinoyi of Ebira and Karaworo communities respectively, StateTask Force Covid-19 outreach initiative at Kogi State Government House, Lokoja, ramadan Covid-19 Palliatives across 5 local governments 10 districts of the State, the Face of Success Children Day outreach, among others.

Historically speaking, the first born of a family of four, a set of twin (boys) and a girl, Ocholi was born on August 14, 1988. His father, who was a local government staff, combined farming with his public service job to augment his meager salaries. His mother, a full time house wife, complemented her husband with her petty trading in agricultural produce. Ocholi had his nursery/primary school education at Success Academy Nursery/Primary School in Idah town. He was still in primary school when his father died in 2001 and two years after he completed his primary school education, his mother died in 2006. He left Idah for Lagos in 2007. In Lagos, he stayed with his uncle, Mr. Peter who was living in one room apartment with his family in Ajegunle. Times were really hard for his uncle but he was able to accommodate him.

His formative years in Ajegunle were really tough but it was the road map to his success in life. Thirsty for more education, Ocholi enrolled himself into Alakolo Senior High School, Tolu Complex in Ajegunle area. In a bid to pay his school fees, he did some menial jobs. He was a public toilet receptionist before he moved to car washing business and finally to Coca-Cola bottling company as supervisor overseeing off-loading and loading bottles of soft drinks at the depot. He later left Coca-Cola bottling company for Leventis where he was employed as a cleaner. He worked with Leventis for a very long time before he resigned his appointment and he enrolled himself in a computer training program. The computer lesson was for six months. After his training, he took up appointment as a cyber café manager before he left for ISFOP Benin University, Contonou for further studies.

While studying, Ocholi worked. He worked as a commission agent. He is fluent in French and Portuguese Languages. However, before he completed his studies, having made contacts, he was able to get some executive contracts based on his integrity and relationship with some prominent people he met within the country and outside the shore of the country. He got a breakthrough in his business and was established. On his return to the country, he established his own company and gave it the name ‘Waves of Minds Resources Limited.’

As his fortune soars in leaps and bounds, Ocholi sought a way to contribute to human and community development as he established ‘Wave of Success Foundation’. With the foundation, he reaches out to the less privileged, gives out scholarship to deserving candidates, registers those who want to acquire knowledge in trading, carries out medical outreach and caters for the aged, widows as well as orphans. Every Sallah cerebration the Foundation distributes food items amongst the Muslim community in selected areas in Igalaland. The same applies during Christmas celebration. He has been carrying out these charity works quietly and still desires to let it go on same way.

Ocholi never shies away from responsibilities, particularly if it is for the betterment and advancement of society. When funds were being raised for the publication of the biography of His Royal Majesty, Ata Igala, (Dr.) Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, he was approached through a third party and he willingly paid for 400 copies of the book. When other privileged ones act only to promote and protect self-interest, Ocholi, being a symbol of the new generation of Igala patriots, assists the poor and lifts them out of poverty. He does not want the status of poverty to remain the same or soars higher. He thus works for the benefit of his community, striving to provide for the weak, the poor, the underprivileged, the vulnerable and the orphans through his Foundation.

Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi, a youngman of good heart, with generous intention of genteel education and amiable character, is a symbol of freedom and hope, not only to his immediate family but to all within his orbit. A very modest and reserved person, he shies away from publicity; he rarely talks about himself. A solid player in both human and community development – the last man to be called upon when the roof over your head is razed down by fire and no one cares. He has been playing such roles with unparalleled skills and uncommon temerity. With a very orderly life, Don Pablo’s work revolves around community-based development. His humanitarian work nourishes those vital aspects of the community.

He is married to Mrs. Blessing Ocholi Okpanachi from Akwa Ibom State. They courted for three years before they got married in 2018. They had their traditional wedding in October and church wedding in December. The couple are blessed with a baby girl.

Summarily, as weeks become months, and as the months empty themselves into years, the giant strides of Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi, familiarly known as Don Pablo become even more deafening, weaving across Kogi State, Nigeria and stretching to the ends of the world. That like the flow of calm waters, his humane touch will continue to flow with the hush and beauty of the Confluence.

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