My Rumoured Defection To APC Unfounded, Pure Lie – Thompson Makolo Jnr

My Rumoured Defection To APC Unfounded, Pure Lie – Thompson Makolo Jnr
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Hon. Thompson Makolo Junior, a candidate in the recently held PDP House of Assembly primaries in the Dekina-Biraidu constituency of Kogi state, has urged the public to disregard an ongoing social media rumor that he has switched to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The well-known actor claimed in a press release made available to the media on Sunday that the rumor was spread by idle freelancers and opponents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who lack meaningful activities to fill their time, adding that retardation and stagnation have overtaken their lives.

In a press release, Hon. Tom Makolo Junior stated that he was still an unrepentant PDP member and that he would back all of the party’s candidates in the general elections of 2023.

He continued by saying that switching to the APC, which is on life support and destined to collapse before or after the general elections in 2023, would be a political mistake.

Part of his press release reads:

”I considered it as a great embarrassment to read on social media that I, Hon Tom Makolo Junior, has decamped to the APC. Of what adventure should I decamp to a party that is on a life support?

“For a record purpose, I ran into Hon Haruna Gowon (IJN) at his hotel, Idrinana Hotel, Lokoja along side with Chief Ismail, the Agenyi Attah (Ikpakpala), on 26th August 2022 where I was honoured to be the master of ceremony between the wedding solemnization of Dr Kamal Yunusa Adebu and former Miss Asia Umar Abdullahi where we took photography together in the spirit of brotherhood.

“Prior before this photography, I didn’t discuss or confide in anyone that I was going to decamp to the APC neither intend to do the same in the future.


“I therefore considered it as a great embarrassment to see the same photo few hours after the scenario trending on social media that I have decamped to the APC to work with Hon Haruna Gowon (IJN).

“This speculation is fake, baseless and unfounded as my allegiance was and is still with the PDP and all its candidates in my area to include: Hon Victor Alewo Adoji – Kogi East Senatorial District; Hon Usman Austin Okai – Dekina / Bassa Federal House of Representative; Hon Andrew Egbunu – Dekina / Biriadu State House of Assembly and, Hon Godwin Meliga, Okura State House of Assembly as well as other PDP candidates.”

Tom Makolo Junior also stated: ”As an adult with my level of exposure, if I wish to dump the PDP, the right channel to communicate to my constituents and the public is through my ward chairman not hearsay or social media.

”Recall, I aspired to flag the PDP’s flag for Dekina / Biriadu State House of Assembly before I narrowly lost out to my distinguished brother, Hon Andrew Egbunu, and I have since accepted the outcome of the primaries and also in the spirit of brotherhood congratulated him”.

”I remain an unrepentant member of the PDP, before today, today, and even tomorrow.”

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