It’s mysterious how I slept with my daughter thrice – Father
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Amoda Bola, 49, who was detained by the Ogun State Police Command on suspicion of raping his daughter, 14, speaks to DAUD OLATUNJI about the incident.

What are you paid to do?

In Ishara, I work as a dry cleaner. I reside in Remo-Ishara North’s neighborhood.

What number of kids do you have?

Five of my kids are mine.

Who is the person who accused you of raping her and getting her pregnant?

My fourth child is her.

Does her mother remain in your home?

After the girl’s mother gave birth, I divorced her (victim). In Ilorin, she was previously married to another man. I’m not married right now. However, I once had a girlfriend.

How did you raise the child after your wife left you and you divorced her?

The girl was in the grandmother’s (her mother’s) care. For a while, I paid for her schooling, but eventually the grandmother forbade me from dropping off my child at her school. Three years ago, she began staying with me. When she arrived for a holiday visit to the home of her mother’s sister, she made the decision to move in with me. She informed me that her grandmother had not been covering her school expenses, so I advised her not to go back to her. She stayed when I enrolled her in a school.

Do you think your daughter appealing on a sexual level?

She didn’t appeal to me at all. Being attracted to one’s daughter is against the law.

According to your daughter, you not only raped her but also invited other guys to rape her. What are your thoughts about it?
Men were not invited to engage in sexual activity with my child. Before now, I didn’t know those men. Only after all was revealed did I meet them. They never entered my home. They had relationships with her in their individual houses; not in mine.

Do you really remember sleeping with her?


How often did you put her to sleep?

I had four sexual encounters with her. twice the year before, and twice this year.

What made you decide to do that?

I still find it hard to believe I achieved it. Still, it appears that I am watching a movie. To her older family members, I have never done anything.
Who defiled her at your hands?

I did not humiliate her. She wasn’t a virgin at the time.

What caused it, then?

It took place when I got home from work. She was by herself in my house. So I requested that she deliver my dinner. When I seized her and engaged in sexual activity with her, I was oblivious.

How did she act?


She didn’t want to struggle with me. She cried later and questioned why I had treated her in that way. Then I begged her to pardon me. I regret having committed such a serious sin. After that, it occurred again a month later. I’m talking about the second time I had sex with her and she didn’t object.

The third incident took place in July of this year (2022). She brought water for me to take a shower, and I ordered her to wait for me in my room. But I later had second thoughts. I didn’t enter the room with her. She arrived to inquire as to why I was hesitant to enter the home. After that, I felt as though I was wasting my time, so I walked in with her and it happened once more.
Where were the rest of your kids when you were doing it?

They were ignorant. They were at the store when it happened. No, our rooms are separate.

When did she become pregnant?

I’m not sure. I had no idea she was expecting. I was told following my arrest.

Do you realize that in Yoruba culture, what you did is considered taboo?

I am sorry; I am aware of that. A awful thing to do, indeed. I still don’t understand it.

Are you certain that she is your natural daughter?
She is my child. Her father is me. She didn’t move in with me right away, but three years ago, when she was 11 years old, she returned to live with me. Before then, she resided with her maternal grandma.

You mentioned having a girlfriend. She is missing.

When my kid told my ex-girlfriend that I didn’t like her, our relationship ended in July. When my girlfriend questioned me about it, I told her everything, and she stopped talking to me after that.

Additionally, you claimed that your daughter was not a virgin and that various men had sexual relations with her. Has she ever aborted a baby?

Yes. I brought her to the medical facility where a pregnancy was terminated five months earlier. I found out she was pregnant a month into the pregnancy. She proposed having an abortion when I asked if she would like to keep the pregnancy or abort it in order to complete her schooling.I paid for the abortion. The doctor demanded N13,000 but I paid N10,000.

How will you describe the character of your daughter?

She is gentle but stubborn. She is well exposed as well.
What do you mean by saying she is exposed?

She is exposed. Even her mother can testify to it. Her mother had told me that I had to handle her with an iron hand if she would have to live with me because she is wayward.

Did you know your daughter had a boyfriend?

I was unaware until after the arrest. But her siblings did complain that she took her time to return home when she was sent on errands. I always warned her whenever I got the report about her waywardness. But I was always careful not to hurt her since she was the only daughter from her mother’s side.

Why didn’t you make the man that got her pregnant to take responsibility for his action?

I couldn’t marry her off because she was still a pupil and I wanted her to be educated. That was why I opted for an abortion.
How did you feel when you learnt some men had carnal knowledge of your daughter?

I always felt terrible about it. Whenever I got such information, I went ahead to warn them to never get intimate with my daughter again. I only warned them because I believe in forgiveness.

You said what happened was a mystery to you. Did you seek help?

Yes, I did seek help from a herbalist and he told me it was a spiritual issue. He told me to make a sacrifice which I did. I made the sacrifice just the Sunday before my arrest.

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