‘It’s Destiny’: 74-year-old Kogi Man Marries for First Time in Lokoja

‘It’s Destiny’: 74-year-old Kogi Man Marries for First Time in Lokoja
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Muhammad Awal, a 74-year-old man from Kogi State, ended his decades-long run of bachelorhood on Sunday by getting married for the first time in Lokoja, the state’s capital.

According to TheNewsguru, Awal, who had given up and claimed he was destined to marry this late, wed divorcee Rahmat Muhammad, 45, in accordance with Islamic customs.

He claimed that his lack of financial resources had repeatedly prevented him from approaching a woman he liked for marriage, despite advice to do so from family, friends, and even certain Islamic authorities.

“I have always been afraid I might fail in my duty of care to a spouse if I married and it is something I fear and don’t want to joke with.

“I am also afraid of separation from my spouse. I know if I fail to take care of her, she might either leave me or cheat on me with another man, which I would not like. So, to avoid all of that, I dismissed the idea of marriage altogether. But now, Allah has made this a reality.”

When asked if he had ever proposed marriage to a woman, he said, “I have. Many. I was considerably younger back then. Many of them regarded me with disdain, primarily due to my

If his financial circumstances had been different, he would undoubtedly still not have been able to get married, he continued when asked if he would have remained married for a long time.


In response to a question about what drew him to his wife and if he planned to have children with her, he stated, “Aside from being gorgeous, she is also down to earth, understanding, pious, and entrenched in the marital institution.

“Only Allah knows if we are going to have children. You never know what the Almighty can do. It is not in our hands, but His hands.”
The new wife’s response included an admission that their union was predetermined, and she appealed to Allah to grant them each other’s wishes.

Why not him? she asked of her selection of Mallam Awal. She answered. We were brought together for a reason, and I ask Allah to bless us and make our home a place of understanding and harmony.

The religious leaders who performed the marriage ceremony prayed to Allah for a pleasant household for the newlyweds.

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