House Of Rep 2023: Zoning Is Not Constitutional But Dialogue Is Paramount. Omala Youth Speak Out The Need To Consider Omala.

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It should not be a debate that our today’s politics is not vent on party anymore but on an individual who is solely ready and capable to lead his people. But the lackadaisical attitude towards considering one constituency over another is supercilious, condescending and it should be looked at and given a thorough consideration of abolition.

Considering all the constituencies with equity and fairness will to the best of my knowledge will give us the consciousness to work better, be it your own home or sister’s neighborhood as it is said “that when one leaves his roof leaking in raining season, when it rains, it beats him first.”

When power goes to a constituency and those at the helms of affairs didn’t work well with the resources at their disposal, touching their home and other concerned constituency, I believe when he leaves the position or office, he or she will have himself to blame. We are vying for Omala this time and the only language we want anyone to understand is Omala should be considered to lead in the House of Representatives come 2023.

However, it’s pertinent that we understand, that politics one way or the other brings us together from different angles in other to join head to share a formidable ideas to achieve a common goal that is not common if the right thing is not done. If truly power corrupt absolutely, then if you let power corrupt you when you are to serve your people, when your time is due and you have done nothing to write home about, your people will hold you responsible and you will be a subject of circumstances whenever your presence is felt.


It should not be a power tussle in considering a constituency that has been mobbed of power for so many years, for it is said, “give to Caesar what is his and to God what belongs to Him.” We should not adopt the ideas of “the kingdom of God suffereth violence and with violence taketh it by force.” We are a people of one origin, one culture, one dialect, and we should not allow self-centered political gain to defamiliarize and disunite us because we are also a minute Nigeria. We are a people of high value and this value is commendable everywhere in our nation.

Moreso, politics have gone to the level that we should be telling ourselves the simple truth no mater what it might cause. Within the three constituency (Ankpa, Olamaboro and Omala LGA) as history recorded, Omala seems to be an Abandoned Bundle among them. She has been jettison to enjoy her right over the years but this time, we the sons and daughters of Omala will not fold our arms and not speak of what should be done, Omala deserve House of Representatives come 2023 and it should be considered in earnest.

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