Echocho Gives Reasons Why He Voted Against E-Transmission of Votes

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Yesterday, distinguished Sen Isah Jibrin (Echocho), voted No, to e-transmission of vote with explanation that got him loud applause from the entire Senate (both PDP & APC) and well meaning Nigerians, who listen to the Senate proceedings with rapt attention without sentiment or prejudiced intention.

Senator Isah Jibrin, before voting explained that, e-transmission cannot be effective in every parts of the country considering the poor or no Network coverage as reported by Nigeria Telecommunication Commission. According to NCC, their total area of coverage in Nigeria is about 43% leaving 57% percent of total population disenfranchised should the electronic transmission of vote gets full implementation. He called for caution at the implementation stage to avoid leaving other areas out of voting exercise. He reasoned that, even the card readers is a serious problem that should be upgraded given the situation reports from the previous polls, where card readers malfunctioned.

Like our Distinguished Senator (Echocho), most Senators even from the opposition party voted ‘No’ sighting Echocho’s explanation as serious reasons.

It must be noted that, Sen Isah Jibrin, was not against e-transmission of vote, but it’s total implementation, since Nigeria is yet to be at per with other advance Nations practicing the system, explaining that in any policy implementation, we must consider our terrains, stressing that e-transmission can be implemented in cities where they are abundant network coverage.

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