Could Yahaya Bello Be The President’s Anointed Candidate?

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With the way things have been going in the Nigerian political space in recent days in terms of the 2023 presidential election, one is tempted to believe that the governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, could be the chosen one and the next president of this Nigeria.

Many events are currently unfolding that demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief that Yahaya Bello can’t outrun political heavyweights like Bola Tinubu and others who have spent years in Nigerian politics and are believed to have ready bags of looted funds for this election before the arrival of the Kogi State governor, the young man’s backups are stronger.

Before now, some Nigerians regard Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition as a farce. They are, however, taken aback by the man’s decision to become the first aspirant to demonstrate the utmost seriousness and audacity in paying for the All Progressive Congress presidential nomination forms.

As if that wasn’t enough, many Nigerians were left with no choice but to support the young governor’s ambition after seeing viral videos and photos of the unusual crowd that gathered at the APC secretariat last Wednesday while the aspirant was obtaining his forms.

It didn’t stop there; Nigerians awoke on Thursday to President Muhammadu Buhari’s colorful reception of Bello with his nomination forms. A significant and first Presidential honor for a candidate running in the upcoming election. Again, many people were left wondering if Yahaya Bello was the anointed candidate. The answer to the question may have already been revealed – everyone saw how the party chairman, Abdulahi Adamu, cheered up the governor while he was getting his forms from the Secretariat.

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It also raised concerns that, thus far, Bello has been the major northern figure pushing for the presidency, despite speculation about the ticket being zoned to the south. Given the APC leadership’s support for Governor Bello thus far, it appears that zoning has become a forgotten matter within the party.

Sincerely, exciting days lie ahead. And, without a doubt, Nigeria is on its way to electing a young president as the recycled old politicians have continued to fail the people. Perhaps things will change for the better if the youths who have been at the receiving end should take the lead.

It is wished that Bello is truly the anointed one, as this would eliminate the need for Nigerians to worry about overseas presidential checkups in the next administration. Bello’s election as president will have nothing to do with memory or hearing loss. Only a strong security system and a refined education system should be expected of the country. It is a known fact that Bello can do it.

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