Birthday Felicitation: Mc Highnesscfr Eulogized Honourable Zakari Alfa.

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Kogi State-born Political Activist and Entertainer, Michael Sam Idoko popularly known as Mc Highnesscfr has eulogized the sterling qualities of a former Kogi State Commissioner of Finance and also, a former Kogi State Governorship aspirant, Hon. Zakari Alfa, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary today 20th of July, 2021.

Mc Highnesscfr stated that the hegemony of Hon. Zakari Alfa is born out of his humane and humble disposition which to many, makes him stand out as a refined gentleman.

According to Mc Highnesscfr “I heartily celebrate with you today as you add yet another unique and beautiful year. Birthdays are like feathers, they are like decorative ornaments which bring us to the real fragrance of life. As you mark yet another day, I pray that your star never goes deem. Amen.

“You have become a center of attraction to all who come across you, with your humane disposition and unifying factor.

“You are a mentor, a benefactor, and a role model. As a seasoned Politician, you have left indelible footprints in the sands of time.

As a father, you are compassionate and lovingly caring.
As a Leader, you have carried all along irrespective of family lineage or ethnic cleavages.


As a teacher, you have bequeathed your wealth of knowledge to all you come across.

Your engagements in the murky Waters of politics have neither befogged your yearning for the wellbeing of the masses nor has it annihilate your belief in humanism.

Happy birthday my Political Leader” he added.

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