Atedo Peterside Gives 7 Reasons For Joining SDP

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On Wednesday, Atedo Peterside, president and founder of Anap Foundation and convener of GoNigeria, joined the Social Democratic Party and gave seven reasons for doing so.

“After deep reflection, I decided to join the Social Democratic Party (SDP),” Peterside said via his Twitter handle. “It is important for all adults to join a political party of their choice.”

He gave the main reasons for backing the party as “party manifesto – how appropriate is it for Nigeria at this time?; the quality of the party’s national leadership; my own adjudged acceptability at the local/ward level of the party; the commitment and willingness of the party leadership to practise internal democracy; are the party’s doors truly open to Nigerian youths who wish to claim their country back?; are the party’s doors truly open to women leaders, or is it yet another male chauvinist enclave?; and is it a place where I feel truly welcome?”

Peterside also emphasised the need for Nigerians to be actively involved in politics.

He said: “I now believe that every adult Nigerian at home or abroad should join a political party. Our political parties will not improve on account of external pressure alone.

“Change must also come from within. It is difficult to improve a Club or Party that you do not belong to. If I believe this, then I also must practise it.”


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Peterside said he had actively engaged Nigerian youths in recent months with the sole aim of convincing as many of them as possible to register, pick up their Permanent Voter’s Cards and get ready to vote in the 2023 general elections.

“I am excited at the possibility of many more Nigerian youths getting politically active between now and the 2023 general elections and what that portends for Nigeria,” he added.

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