Ahmed Attah cautions Kogi East APC against division

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The immediate past Zonal Chairman of the Kogi East All Progressive Congress (APC) Hon. Ahmed Attah has urged the party members in the region to remain united against elements that could cause disunity as he bows out of office with an appreciative speech and brief retrospect.

Ahmed in a statement made available through social media titled “HON. AHMED ATTAH’S SPEECH AS IMMEDIATE PAST APC CHAIRMAN KOGI EAST, NIGERIA,” released on Wednesday, showed his appreciation to the APC chieftain in Kogi State, his supporters and relations.

He reounted his achievements while in office and noted that “…nothing kills the fortune of a party and wreck its foundation like a devided house.”

The statement reads;
“Fellow All Progressive Congress (APC,)
Kogi East Elder statemen,
Youths and Women,
I bring you my warmest felicitations.
Today, I stand on the podium of history to give a recap of my political voyage, first as a Youth Leader and then Zonal Leader of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). Before then, permit me to graciously congratulate my brother and compatriot, Comrade Mohammed Nasiru Alfa on his emergence as the Acting Kogi East Zonal Chairman. I have no iota of doubt in the capacity of Comrade Mohammed to sustain the gains that our party has garnered in the zone and equally increase the profile of the party as the day comes ahead. He is a sure bet for the future of our great party as far as Kogi East is concerned.

Utmost reverence and appreciation must go to the visionary leader, astute administrator, mentor par excellent and a believer of young people, His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello. This man entrusted almost everything in my hands, believed so much in me and made an intractable part of his vision for a greater Kogi State. Sir, come what may, have it that, my loyalty and respect is unquenchable, unwavering and unshakeable.
My warmest appreciations to members of my family, my last-men-standing-friends, staff and so many other people for the believe in me till my last days as APC Zonal Chairman Kogi East. I want to thank you all for your efforts and your hard works. Most People have no idea how hard we have had work for the party.
The struggle for the successes we recorded didn’t come that easy, it took grace, tenacity and will to withstand the pangs, toils and risks that came with standing firm to a belief and formed ideology especially given the hegemonic dogma that was in place in Kogi.We were misunderstood, maligned and castigated by those who felt threatened by our push for inclusive paradigm shift. We never for once faultered in what we wholeheartedly believed in. The verdict of time has however vindicated us that our choice, Afterall, was a purposeful choice that goes even higher as we quest for a better Nigeria 🇳🇬.

I can always say this. We’ve worked hard. We’ve left it all, as the athletes would say, we’ve left it all in the field. We don’t have to come and say when we are sitting in Lokoja or elsewhere, or not going to be looking at each other and say to ourselves that if we had only worked a little bit harder, we would have gotten it right. We had a lot of obstacles and we went through the obstacles and came out victorious.


We came with a mission; to turn the fortune of our great party, the APC into a formidable stronghold in Kogi East, in our quest for impact, we recorded votes in million – a rare record in the history of a sitting Zonal Chairman. A big honour that can be described as a legendary modest feat!

Of fascinating reference was my modest role in the first and second elections of Governor Yahaya Bello as well as the elections of a Senator, three House of Representatives at the National Assembly, eleven Kogi State House of Assembly, and Local Government Chairmen in the nine (9) Local Government Areas of Kogi East and the 97 Councilors in their respective Local Government Councils and their officials.

In time to come, these are benchmarks that will speak in historical reference – a precedent of sort. Comparatively, we can thump our chest in modest pride and say we have done a lot with the renewed vigor that there are a lot to do in the nearest future with God by our sides. And credit must go to those who invested their trust in us and made available all the resources for our successes. They recreated themselves in us and invested so much for us to succeed. We wouldn’t have achieved anything if not for the magnanimity of His Excellencies Governor Yahaya Bello, his Deputy Governor Chief David Edward Onoja and the Chief of Staff to the Governor Abdulkareem Asukwu Jamiu.

Sincere tribute to all the seen and unseen, field and off – the field actors and stakeholders who gave their all for our party, you are well recognized and appreciated. There is no honour than having the privilege of being your Zonal Chairman, you made everything possible. You are the Most Valuable Players of the struggle. Come time and time again, I will continue to partner and collaborate in this struggle.
The future is littered with bountiful opportunities, like before, we shall continue to sustain the struggles, chart a new vista for ourselves, draw up templates and implement them in the benefit of our party and personal aspirations. The foundation has been laid and we are ever poised to make things happen in tandem with our pursuit of happiness.
And for those who in the cause of our struggles felt somehow offended, slighted and maligned, I want to sincerely ask that you find it in your hearts to forgive our ‘trespasses’, it was never deliberate or intended but one of those infallibilities that comes with the struggles. In the game of politics, there is no enmity but vested interest which is the cardinal rule any time.
Finally, I want to in conclusion , thank our Governor and leader along with his Siamese Twin brother once more. I want to thank the Acting State Chairnan of our party, State and Zonal Excos of the party because we really worked well together, at least certain successes in the last Congresses were our collective efforts. We really did well. We’ve gotten so much that nobody thought would be possible. I sincerely want to thank the party members and I want to also thank all of the great people of Kogi East, especially those who worked with me to achieve what many said was hitherto impossible.
And to the new comrades in the struggle, particularly the Acting APC Zonal Chairman, try in your proven capacity to sustain the love and camaraderie that exists in the party, everyone should be parried along and at every corner try to discourage any act of ‘factionalisation’ – for nothing kills the fortune of a party and wreck its foundation like a devided house. A clear strategy is continuous communication across board.”

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