Achimugu’s Achilles’ Heel

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By Illah Michael Ojodomo

Every pre-election season in Nigeria features a collection of events that prick the interests of the electorate, and with less than 50 days to prime time, the 2023 general election is not looking any different.

As it is with the themes of politics, flagbearers jostling for the nation’s apex political seat have been in the news for varied reasons– and since INEC formally opened the floodgates of campaigns last year, onlookers have been inundated with revelations that, whether accepted or ignored, will go on to redefine Nigeria’s political trajectory forever.

While other candidates are having their fair share of trouble, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar sits in the front row of having too much in his hands in the buildup to the elections if one assesses the dissidence of the G5 Governors and its uninspiring mission to implode the PDP.

But the emerging revelations from Michael Achimugu, a self-acclaimed media aide to Atiku perfectly curate the many problems that may preclude Atiku’s shot at the presidency and the hot coals being breathed down his throat.

For the record, Michael Achimugu has been around for a while. His name strikes an obvious chord in the array of digital media personalities in Nigeria. However, his recent awakening to “expose” his embattled principal buried in the auspices of a newly-found patriotism to country may be that step that summarily drags the wind off his sail.


One would assume that his many years of mixing media shenanigans with politics should afford him the instinct to know better. This is so if one considers that he has also been on a record of some prominent political stints having served as a media consultant to Kingsley Moghalu until his appointment as media director of the Atiku Support Organisation which emptied into being a member of Atiku’s Presidential Election Technical Committee, among many others which are testaments to his years of cognate hustle in the murky waters of politics and media.

The asperities of Achimugu levied on his estranged principal with only a few weeks to the general elections may be tied to concerns of the times and seasons of such revelations as well as pursuance to the tenets of professionalism even as Atiku himself cannot be absolved a saint.

Our fledgling democracy is attributed to a political socio-space that allows many compromises. It is one of our many political realities. And for Achimugu, it is a litmus test of many things to come.

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