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Dear Delegates,

Solidarity Greeting to all the combat comrades across the globe, wish to solicits and draw attention of our dear stakeholders and delegate of NSP to this open letter.

A river that forget its source will certainly run dry. As a man who forget his culture will surely get lost.

It has become imperative on us to urgently draw the attention of the distinguish and unified Delegate and Stakeholders as the 2021 convention hold today we urge the entire people of this great body not to let their head down as different views, personalities have began to showcase interest Both people of lower Political Kakistocracy with recumbent ideas in order to avoid conundrum. We must be optimistic in making our decision in electing who his to pilot the affair of the journey of NSP.

The spotlight is on you, the weakness leadership of NSP-SUG is in your hands, the future of Niger State Polytechnic Student Union Government and Nigerians at large is also in your hand’s.

You can either decide to think of yourself and throw away credibility, throw away competence & sell your vote to the highest bidder or you can think of the future of NSP, Nigerians,children’s, grandchildrens & pitch your tent with the most credible candidate as alternative.

Forgive me for coming hard on you but we will totally blame you for whatever predicament we will be going through in the next 1 years. The candidates you give us will not only bear our fate but yours as well.

As you have no right to complain that a leader is bad because according to the electoral laws of Nigeria, we can only work with the candidates you present to us, the choice you made 1yrs ago is what we are all leaving with today.

Therefore, we need some body who has the growth and development of the people in his/her mind, who can easily pick up our cross whenever the need arises. Someone who can picture another decoration of the structure of our students, a God fearing someone who will be a good successor and build better on the existing structure.

After all research, hypothesis, sampling, consultation have been made.The result shows that with the above quality and qualification required the only suitable and qualified  candidate for the task above is *COMR MUHAMMAD SADIQA (ALUTA MOTIVATOR). Is the only credible candidate who will go beyond the stop.


Is a woman who has the growth and development of the people in her mind. With her indubitable act which is rare. Respect to antecedents and philanthropical act I believe she going to be a terminus without any act of perfidy and as a sui-genesis personality following the move of the society.

I’m happy to announce or tell you that.
A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for good governance

A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for best representative.

A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for credibility.

A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for transparency and accountability.

A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for positive transformation.

A vote for COMR SQDIQA is a vote for liberty.

A vote for COMR SADIQA is a vote for a woman who feel the pain and quagmire of her people and surrender her self to be use to salvage her people from their political slumber and will bring down the cascading political dividend to her people.


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