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Political astute and Business tycoon. Hon Tijani Ibrahim Declared for Dekina/Biraidu House of Assembly. He is a successful Business man and astute politician from Ajonoja Abocho community in Dekina Local Government area of Kogi State.

Dekina Local Government area of kogi state is the largest local government in Africa in terms of land mass. The local governments have two constituencies that represents the good people of Dekina local government in the state house of assembly.

As the drum for general elections began, interests group and aspirants have started aligning forming a forum and umbrella for political calculation. Interested individuals that have interest in politics have started indicating interest to run for the office of their choice.

Hon. Tijani Ibrahim is one of those breed of politician that have interest of the masses in mind and maintained close relationship with his political allies and the masses of Dekina Local Government. He is known for his simplicity and generosity to serves and impact the of lives of the people.

Haven’t contested three consecutive terms to run for assembly and the political calculations didn’t favour him at then, he has now come again to answer the clarion called of his people to serve them in sincerely and tenacity of purpose. As a consistent politicians and grassroots, he never quit his ambition to reach the apex of his dream to serves his people.

As a four timer in the contest he has outlines his mission and vision for his constituency broadly as he openly declared on 25th of April to contest for House of Assembly Dekina/Biraidu constituency.

Vision engender a mission and mission begged the journey that will truly lead to victory. Purpose without mission or vision is a mere exaggeration of interest without plan to fulfil it.

As a business tycoon, he has planned is mission to achieve a greater goal for Dekina and Biraidu constituency.

John Maxwel asserted that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”. Hon. Tijani political antecedents have proven to the people that is a leader who know the way;
*HE KNOW THE WAY*; because leadership is about people believing in your strength and ability to influence others. He has proven that charismatic influence on the people of his community’s.
Secondly, he has *to goes the way* because he has seen the way that it is time to answer the clarion called of his people to serve. Haven understand the political terrain and his unalloyed loyalty to government, he has confined in himself that his time to *show the way* and he declared the mission and vision of his ambition to service his land of birth. As an intelligent business man and grasssroot politician, that gathered experiences and continuous learning process in the politics circle of the state and his sincerity to service of humanity and devotion of providing solution to immediate environmental and political issues had given him the gauntlet to *show the way* for the progress of Dekina/Biraidu Constituency.

The people are the centre pace of politics. Most especially in the rural area and the homestead. Having that understanding, he gave the following promises.

1. He promise to be home every weekend.


2. Promise to build constituency offices in all the 8 wards.

3. Promise to listen to the complain and swift respond to their problems.

4. Promise to promote agriculture and commerce I’m order to create self employment.

5. And encourage entrepreneurship, craft and artisanship.

Vision is the ability or plan to imagine a greatness and success through human wisdom.
Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you think is impossible.

Roy T. Bennet. This quote from Roy Bennet is the Simon in synagogue of Hon. Tijani Ibrahim political journey. We must remove our self doubt and focus on what we can achieve in life. Is a messages for all Dekinite youth. We must rise to go beyond our limitation.
Finally, A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Let come together work hard for Hon. Tijani Ibrahim.

God bless Dekina/Biraidu.

God bless Kogi state

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