Ebira group endorses the APC’s Ododo as preferred candidate

Ebira group endorses the APC’s Ododo as preferred candidate
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The Ebira Peoples Association branch in Lokoja, under the banner of the Ebira Peoples Association (EPA), has thrown its support behind Ahmed Ododo, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for the Kogi gubernatorial race. The group aims to maintain the state’s progressive development by backing Ododo.

Moses Momoh, EPA chairman, released a statement affirming the endorsement of Ododo after a meeting held in Lokoja. The meeting focused on evaluating the state’s progress under the current government led by Yahaya Bello.

Momoh explained that historical precedent suggests that a new government from a different political party tends to abandon ongoing projects, resulting in setbacks for the state’s economic, social, and political growth.

He emphasized that supporting Usman Ododo, a member of the present administration, would ensure the completion of ongoing projects, particularly the two new universities, healthcare facilities, infrastructure projects, and initiatives aimed at improving living standards.


Momoh stressed the importance of continuity in progressive development to prevent unnecessary economic waste, especially in a time of depreciating resources.

The group acknowledged the present government’s role in maintaining security and peace, which has contributed to the state’s peaceful status and conducive environment for investment.

EPA urged the people of the state to prioritize the welfare of Kogi by voting for Alhaji Usman Ododo, who has been part of the present administration. They believe his leadership would safeguard and advance projects and policies for the state’s prosperity.

Furthermore, EPA praised Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello for promoting transparency and accountability through online access to public financial information. They applauded Bello’s efforts in education, healthcare, and fostering unity among different ethnic groups.

EPA plans to organize interdenominational prayers for peaceful coexistence, economic growth, and a smooth gubernatorial election in November. They called upon other ethnic groups in the state to join this initiative for the betterment of Kogi.

The meeting boasted the attendance of over two hundred associations under EPA in Lokoja, along with prominent Ebira figures.

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