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In the quiet embrace of a dawn that heralded Friday’s arrival, the sun began to paint the sky with hues of gold, casting a hopeful glow over the world. Amidst this unfolding day, a story was about to weave its intricate threads, guided by the hands of fate.

At precisely 10 am on this life-altering Friday, the stage was set for an unforeseen encounter, where life’s intricate plotlines converged.
His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, embarked on a journey to the nation’s capital, Abuja, summoned by the urgency of an event of national and state significance.

As the governor’s convoy advanced, its momentum was halted abruptly by an unexpected barricade. A crane truck, attempting to pull off an accident-stricken tanker also got stuck, creating a complete gridlock at a village called Gada Biu, along Abuja-Lokoja road. An unfortunate twist of fate had rendered the crane inoperable, ensnaring the road within its reach.

In the face of this predicament where over 200 vehicles were left stranded with frustrating occupants, the governor emerged from his vehicle, his demeanour reflecting his amiability and benevolence. Amidst the backdrop of stalled traffic and agitated commuters, he ventured forth, surveying the situation with a thoughtful gaze.

As conversations bloomed amongst travellers bounded by their shared plight, a particular figure captured the Governor’s attention. There stood a man, characterized by his presence and rapt attention to events unfolding. Governor Bello’s gaze lingered on this individual. He took a step closer as if following an invisible thread of connection. “Adamu,” he called out, the syllables holding the weight of recognition and surprise,
The now-identified figure replied, “Yes, Your Excellency. It’s me, Adamu Babawako from GSS Suleja.”
In that exchange, a universe of memories rekindled. “You were in Abuja house,” the governor reminisced, and Adamu affirmed, “Yes, Your Excellency. You were in Keffi House. You were my senior, Sir.”
And as the governor’s words continued to flow, they carried with them a symphony of reunion orchestrated by destiny itself.
“I have been living and farming in this very village. I was once informed that you are the Governor of Kogi State. I said one day God will make me see you, Your Excellency,” Adamu said.

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In that shared acclaim of past chapters, a bridge was formed. The present, past, and unforeseen future converged. Adamu’s voice carried his journey from bustling houses to the serenity of this village, his days spent tending to the land as a peasant farmer, yet, he held a dream; a belief that one day his path and that of his schoolmates who are better off would cross. Within the embrace of their exchange, contact information was shared, a tangible link binding past, present, and potential futures.

From that meeting, a tapestry of life’s intricacies unfolded. The threads of chance and purpose intertwined and God’s unseen hand guided them, connecting destiny’s dots in ways unimagined. The roadblock that halted the convoy was not a mere inconvenience but a portal into the unscripted story of life.

For in this narrative, is the collision of a Governor’s journey and a man’s quiet hopes. There lay the revelation; that only the departed can truly summarize the story of life. Amid the ceaseless rhythm of existence, life’s events unfold, and as long as breath animates our being, the unpredictable dance of circumstance and destiny continues.

Adamu, who only had the battery of his dead phone in his pocket was also gifted a mobile phone by one of the Governor’s aides that day.

Yahaya Bello, a man of compassion, whose outward demeanour serves as a mere veil to the depths of his big-heartedness, optimism, empathy, and understanding nature. Numerous instances bear witness to his encounters with individuals in dire straits which have led to transformative improvements in their circumstances.
Adamu Babawako made it to such a list yesterday.

ONOGWU Muhammed

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