No governorship candidate has ever crossed our local bridge but you did – Bassa Leaders to Jibrin Akpabana

No governorship candidate has ever crossed our local bridge but you did - Bassa Leaders to Jibrin Akpabana
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In an unprecedented move, the leaders of Bassa local government have expressed their admiration for Admiral Usman Jibrin Akpabana, the candidate of the Accord Party in the upcoming Kogi Governorship election. Remarkably, Jibrin managed to navigate the challenging terrain and cross the local bridge that no previous governorship candidate had dared to cross.

The leaders of Bassa local government were quick to acknowledge Jibrin’s commitment and determination, praising him for venturing where others had hesitated. Despite the rough roads and difficult conditions, Jibrin made the effort to consult with the local leaders, a gesture that has earned him their respect.

During his visit, Jibrin Akpabana not only listened to the concerns of the Bassa leaders but also made significant promises to address their longstanding issues. One of his key pledges is to construct a bridge that will alleviate the suffering caused by the lack of proper infrastructure. This commitment has resonated strongly with the local community, as the bridge will undoubtedly improve connectivity and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Additionally, Jibrin has taken a proactive stance on governance by vowing to expedite the local government election. This move is seen as a way to ensure inclusive governance, giving the people of Bassa a voice in shaping their own future. The prospect of a more democratic and representative administration has generated enthusiasm and optimism within the community.

Recognizing the importance of economic development, Jibrin has also promised to facilitate the establishment of a commercial bank in Bassa. This strategic move aims to promote job creation and stimulate economic growth, providing residents with opportunities to thrive and prosper.

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As the Kogi Governorship election draws closer, Admiral Usman Jibrin Akpabana’s actions have already set him apart from his competitors. His willingness to tackle challenges head-on, engage with local leaders, and offer practical solutions to pressing issues has garnered him the support and admiration of the Bassa community. With his unique approach to governance and commitment to positive change, Jibrin’s candidacy is poised to leave a lasting impact on both the local level and the broader political landscape.

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